Answers are below in BOLD
  1. In what Ohio city will you find “David Grohl Alley” which honors musician and two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters? A: Warren, Ohio
  2. Which famous Rat Pack crooner hails from Jefferson County and is celebrated with a prominent mural in his hometown of Steubenville? A: Dean Martin
  3. Founded in 1804, which university in Ohio can boast being the first institution of higher education in the Northwest Territory? A: Ohio University
  4. What College of Wooster graduate went on to be the longest serving Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice? A: Carl Victor Weygandt (he served from 1933-1962)
  5. Since 1999, what Ohio city has hosted an annual marathon on the first Sunday of May called the Flying Pig Marathon? A: Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. In what Ohio county was the national youth development organization 4-H founded in the early 1900s? A: Clark County
  7. Which prominent Daytonian and Presidential Candidate selected Franklin D. Roosevelt as his Vice-Presidential running mate for his 1920 campaign? A: James M. Cox
  8. “Glass City” (earned from its internationally known production of glass), which can be found as part of the names of its businesses, bridges, parks, and even a car race, is what Ohio city’s nickname? A: Toledo, Ohio
  9. What Ohio football team formed in 1904 by Joseph Carr, played other non-professional teams until joining the American Professional Football Association in 1920? A: The Columbus Panhandles
  10. From what Ohio city did crude oil travel via pipeline to help light the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893? A: Lima, Ohio
  11. What African-American businessman and inventor made the world safer by inventing the first patented traffic signal which was installed in Cleveland in 1923? A: Garrett Morgan
  12. What prominent Civil War General was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio? A: William Tecumseh Sherman