Hicks Partners Expands National Reach Through Advocus Partners

COLUMBUS, OH – Hicks Partners LLC, a multidisciplinary business consulting firm, has joined eight of the nation’s top government and public affairs companies to form Advocus Partners, a bipartisan, comprehensive advocacy company with a nationwide footprint.

“The business of advocacy is changing,” said Brian Hicks, President & CEO of Hicks Partners. “By joining forces with best-in-class firms to bring together multiple disciplines, Advocus Partners is ideally suited to address an increasingly complex public policy landscape. For more than 20 years, Hicks Partners has delivered powerful results for clients. Together with Advocus, we are poised for an exciting future of continued growth for the next 20 years.”

In addition to Ohio-based Hicks Partners, Advocus member companies include BGR Group, California-based Capital Advocacy, Florida-based Capital City Consulting, The Herald Group, Hilltop Public Solutions, Stateside Associates and The Tarrance Group. Advocus Partners is organized as a holding company where member companies are shareholders. Brian Hicks continues to serve as President & CEO of Hicks Partners and has been elected to the Advocus Partners board of directors. Member companies operate independently and collaborate to offer clients a full range of advocacy services, from lobbying and communications to grassroots mobilization, at all levels of government.

“Several of our companies have been working together for years,” continued Mr. Hicks. “This partnership allows us to maintain our strong client relationships while offering a wider range of advocacy services and provides a broader platform for our national grant writing practice.”

“Our firm is proud to be part of Advocus Partners,” said Bob Wood, BGR Group Chairman and CEO, and chair of the Advocus board. “Advocus’ bipartisan team excels at providing public affairs support, policy analysis, and strategies designed to achieve results. Working with a firm like Hicks Partners and a leader like Brian Hicks is what Advocus is all about. We have known and worked with each other for more than three decades. Now, through Advocus, we are expanding our collaboration. Ohio is a manufacturing leader with a dynamic new tech and innovation sector, and we are delighted to be teaming with Hicks Partners on a broad array of services for this important state and nationally.”

The combined expertise allows Advocus and its member companies to develop and execute large-scale advocacy campaigns in every state in the nation.

Advocus Partners offerings include Corporate Advisory Services, Federal Government Services, Federal Grant Writing, State & Local Government Services, Strategic Communications, Coalition Development, Grasstops & Grassroots Mobilization, Polling & Research, Government Markets & Procurement, International Relations, Crisis & Litigation Support, Public Affairs Campaigns, and Digital Advocacy & Paid Media.

For more information on Advocus please visit www.advocuspartners.com.