Identifying Lead (Pb) Pipes and Lead Service Lines

Lead (Pb) in drinking water has re-emerged as a modern public health threat.  Given new regulatory requirements, the large number of unknown lead service lines, and the cost of lead service line replacement, there is an urgent need to identify the location of lead pipes for replacement.

We help you meet the communications challenge for Lead & Copper Rule compliance.

Meeting the challenge of replacing lead pipes in a cost-effective way takes planning and strategic communications.  Hicks Partners has developed an affordable communications tool that supports and improves Lead Service Line identification and replacement initiatives.

Critical Activity

Stakeholder Outreach & Communications

We have a proven approach to stakeholder engagement. We design effective self-reporting programs and implement high-impact stakeholder engagement to reduce project costs and keep you in compliance.


Self-reporting is the most cost-effective method of Lead Service Line Identification.  Through our proven program of website development, mailers, community meetings, door hangers and direct one-on-one communication, we significantly enhance the likelihood of self-reporting to save time and money.

Automated Inspection Scheduling

Inspections are the most accurate material identification method. We help create a more cost-effective process through automated scheduling, so residents can easily sign up for inspections when it is convenient for them and when crews will be available in their area.

Dashboards to Visualize Data

60% +

In recent projects we have been able to achieve participation rates over 60% of the target popultation.

Hicks Partners builds custom dashboards for data management to track and visualize results in real-time.

Web-based Forms

In many communities, residents have identified and reported private-side SL materials, saving project sponsors significant time and money.  Effective outreach and education can help improve resident participation and the quality of reporting results.

Our Approach

Identification Options

There are many options when exploring potential Lead Service Line identification approaches. Hicks Partners offers affordable solutions for any size water system.  Our solutions can be quickly implemented, easily maintained and minimizes disruption to the resident.

Stakeholder engagement is critical throughout the planning process, informing problem formulation, research planning, implementation, dissemination, and evaluation.

Targeted Outreach

Targeted outreach and education can help improve the quality and quantity of information available to residents. The most effective way to garner resident engagement and project support is through one-on-one communication between the utility and resident.

Automate Workflows & Schedule Inspections

Even with proper outreach and education, resident reported SL materials can be inaccurate and require verified through photographs provided by the resident or onsite inspection by a plumber or utility personnel. Automated scheduling of inspections provides maximum flexibility for residents, while avoiding a costly and time-consuming one-on-one scheduling process.