A full understanding of the funding agency’s requirements and priorities also helps  in developing  a successful grant application.  Projects may qualify for several state and federal grant programs but knowing the ideal  alignment  with an agency’s mission offers the best chance of success.

We monitor funding opportunities and develop strategy and funding targets using our custom templates required for budgets, narratives, and registrations (e.g. DUNS, SAM, etc.). We also prepare and guide in-house technical teams in content creation.

The application process for state and federal grants is often technical and highly competitive.  Chances of success improve significantly by engaging experts with knowledge and experience in grant writing and project management.  Having a seasoned grant writer will help ensure your request is well-defined and targeted to each solicitation – an essential component of a successful application.

We conduct supporting research to strengthen your proposal and prepare all required documents.

We conduct a comprehensive compliance review prior to submission and provide detailed copy editing.

We format, upload and submit all final application documents. Experienced grant writers can minimize technical difficulties in the critical submission phase.

We develop and manage timeline, checklists and facilitate project planning meetings to ensure your application is submitted on-time. As things deadline get closer, all the back-and forth can get confusing so we also maintain strict document version control.

Comprehensive Grant Writing Services from Start to Finish

Application Review & Preparation

Grant Writing & Support

Grant Compliance & Editing

Grant Submission& Support

Grant Readiness & Training

Our Team has State & Federal Grant Writing experience with the following agencies:

  • U.S. Department of Justice – DOJ
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – EPA
  • Small Business Technology Transfer – STTR
  • U.S. Economic Development Administration – EDA
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture – USDA
  • U.S. Department of Transportation – DOT
  • Small Business Innovation Research – SBIR
  • U.S. Department of Labor – DOL
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – HHS
  • DHS U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – HUD
  • U.S. Department of Energy – DOE
  • National Institutes of Health – NIH
  • U.S. Department of Education – DOEd
  • National Science Foundation – NSF
  • U.S. Department of Defense – DOD
  • Small Business Administration – SBA
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration – SAMHSA
  • National Aeronautics & Space Administration – NASA
  • National Endowment for the Arts – NEA
  • Health Resources and Services Administration – HRSA
  • Internal Revenue Service – IRS
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality – AHRQ
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – CMS
  • U.S. Department of Commerce – DOC
  • California
  • Maryland
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • New York

Hicks Partners has a long history of helping clients win state and federal grants.  Our grant writing team has decades of experience to help our clients pursue and win more state and federal grants.  Contact us via email or by phone at 614-221-2800.

Meet Our Grant Writers

Keith Conroy
Keith Conroy
Stacie Marsh, MPA, CPH, GPC
Stacie Marsh, MPA, CPH, GPC
Ian Nickey
Ian Nickey
Kris Parmelee
Kris Parmelee
Julianna Ricci
Julianna Ricci
Lisa M. Sihvonen-Binder
Lisa M. Sihvonen-Binder
Lauren Strope
Lauren Strope