J. Scott Lane

Senior Advisor
J Scott Lane
J Scott Lane

With 32 years of experience, J. Scott Lane primarily assists clients in preparing USDOT grants and creating tailored benefit-cost analyses for government projects. His expertise lies in infrastructure planning for municipal, regional, and state governments.

Scott Lane’s grant experience spans federal and local/non-profit clients, with a focus on preparing USDOT grants and conducting benefit-cost analyses for various government projects. He has successfully led project teams to secure funding for rail, pedestrian bridge/greenway, roadway, and intermodal projects across the United States.

In addition to his work in urban and rural comprehensive planning and multimodal studies, Mr. Lane possesses an extensive skill set that includes technical writing, supportive graphics, innovative public outreach, and economic analysis using tools like REMI, IMPLAN, TREDIS, and Tableau. His strength lies in weaving complex elements into a compelling and elegant narrative.